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June Archer

"Yes! Every Day Can Be A Good Day"

(The Keys To Success That Lead To An Amazing Life)

By June Archer / UPTOWN BOOKS

ABOUT THIS BOOK… These readings of motivational and inspirational quotes are ones that I have come up with along my journey in life through experience, trials and tribulations as well as the victories. Some are not new concepts but a spin on what we have heard or have been taught. I live by these philosophies and thoughts. They help encourage and inspire me to attempt great things. My goal is that it may do the same for those that read it. The decision to write this came after attending couples therapy. The therapist asked how was I doing as a formality, each time I entered the room. After a few visits she asked… “Is it possible that every day can be a good day for you…?” Before I could respond, It was then that I knew the next statement would be the title for a book I would someday write. Without hesitation I answered…

"Yes! Every Day Can Be A Good Day!"


A Taste Of Yes! Every Day Can Be A Good Day

Don’t Block Your Blesings… "We often take for granted that we are responsible for our own happiness and success. Don’t allow anyone to steal your joy and the the blessings that you are due. If it is your season, excercise your right to recieve those blessings and the success that comes along with them. Never block your own blessings because of the insecurities of others"

- June Archer


Worry About Love… “Worry less about what you don’t have and focus on love and what you can give and share. It’s when we think we don’t have anything to give that we block our blessings. You’d be surprised that you may have more than the next person, that you believe has it all. They may have material wealth, but love conquers all”

-June Archer

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Currently at the helm of a growing multimedia company as President and CEO of Eleven28 Entertainment, June Archer got his first exposure to the industry on the music scene behind the microphone. He soon realized that his dream would soon become a reality by successfully impacting the industry behind the scenes. June’s name first emerged on the music scene in 1995 as a member of the Elektra Records recording group Room Service. The group achieved radio and video success with singles “Ain’t Nothing Wrong” and “Stay” which made the Billboard Top 50 Charts. However, he realized it was the business that drove him to pursue his dream to have his own entertainment company. “For me, making the transition from Artist to Executive is a dreamed fulfilled.” June created New England’s #1 music and entertainment showcase “Hot Chocolate Soul”, june developed a platform for emerging artists in Music, Comedy and Poetry to develop their craft while entertaining the community. June recently produced “The 100 Men of Color” Black Tie Gala, honoring men from Stamford, CT to Springfield, MA. in business, entrepreneurship, education, government and service for the impact they have on the lives of people in their communities. 

June has been the recipient of many honors recognizing all of his efforts within his hometown community of Hartford, CT including “June Archer Day”, “Hot Chocolate Soul Day”, recently NAACP’s “100 Most Influential Blacks” in The State of Connecticut, The Dr. Ivor Echols Community Service Award and the Law Enforcement and Community Award from the Men and Women for Justice, Inc. He has also earned RIAA Certification Plaques for Platinum selling works on albums by Jay Z, 50 Cent and Mario as well as Gold Certification for work on recording artist Omarion to name a few. Most recently he has added the credit of Executive Producer to his name with the reality show “The Docu-Tape” and “Behind The Unsigned”. Both of which are on Fuse TV. In addition, he has added the title Author to his accomplishments with the release of Yes! Every Day Can Be A Good Day (The Keys To Success That Lead To An Amazing Life) on Uptown Book / Augustus Publishing. 

Current position:

President & CEO / Eleven28 Entertainment Group, LLC